Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whooo’s getting ready for Halloween?

We are, of course! With the first day of fall and cooler weather upon us, it’s hard not to get into the spirit.  The next few weekends are going to be jam packed with pumpkin patches, apple picking, hay rides and corn mazes. Being the crafty mom, I’m sure there will be many long nights in front of the sewing machine creating new costumes for the girls. 

All of this is topped off by the best trick or treating party at Auntie Jeannie’s.  We all gather at my sister’s with over filled bowls of candy, stickers and small toys.  With a bon fire and apple cider to keep us warm, we set up camp in the driveway and wait. 

Droves of monsters, witches, princesses and superheroes flood the streets with their sacks in search of loot.  Only the brave dare to come up the drive without a costume, leaving (good naturedly) as a pile of silly string.  We head inside to fill our tummies with chili only when the parade of characters retreats back from where they came; wrapping up yet another epic Halloween.

Check out Belle Announcements latest Halloween Invitations.  They are spooktacular!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Auburn Baby Shower Invitations

I live in the south where football is very important! Here are two new Auburn themed Baby Shower Invitations. More SEC teams to come! Look for that amazing pattern to show up on Christmas cards too! I am in love with it!
Cardstock -

Printable -
Auburn Belly
Cardstock -

Printable -

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas Cards from $15

We know that Christmas is an expensive time of year! Shopping for friends and family is fun but comes with a cost. Buying that cute dress for the company holiday party is worth the feeling you get when you wear it but again, adds to your holiday expenses. On top of that, it's your turn to travel to family this year. We understand that the rising cost of food, gifts and traveling has made your budget strings tighten. This is why Belle Announcements offers three main print options on our Christmas Photo Cards. We want you to love your Christmas card. Let's face it, we all display the cards proudly on our wall, fridges and mantles. It's exciting to receive them in the mail and see how all your friends and family are changing and the kids are growing. We don't want you to break the bank in order to have gorgeous cards but we do want you to have gorgeous cards!

This is why we offer three main print options at Belle Announcements.  On our main website you can purchase 25 5 by 7 Cardstock Christmas cards for $46.50. These are double sided and can have photos on the front and back. If you prefer something a little less expensive and don't necessarily want photos on the back, you can purchase 25 5 by 7 Photo Paper Christmas cards for $36.50. They are just as stunning printed on professional grade Kodak Paper, they simply do not have a backside. These are both great options for those that want a quality design.

Our third option is a printable option for $15 sold exclusively in our Etsy Store. We email you the design in either a 5 by 7 or 4 by 6 format and you can print them at home, at your local photo lab or order online. This can be an inexpensive way to send an impressive custom Christmas card. If you google free prints you will find a lot of options at places like Shutterfly, WinkFlash, etc. that offer 50 free 4 by 6 prints. All you pay is shipping. Last week we had a client do this. She paid $15 for the printable and used a print code from Shutterfly for 25 free prints. She paid $3 in shipping so she received 25 Custom Birthday Invitations for only $18. She can mail them in a regular size envelope that she already has at home.

So celebrate your family and send a treasured Christmas card to your friends and family this year using the best print option for your family. We are here to customize your card to make it as unique as your family.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Belle Announcements!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crimson Tide Photo Christmas Card

Introducing our first 2011 Crimson Tide inspired Photo Christmas Card! Roll Tide Alabama fans and enjoy your houndstooth Christmas Card.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

SEC Football Birthday Invitations

Here is a preview of our new SEC Football Birthday Invitations. We will be rolling out all the great SEC teams. We can customize your team player's jersey and helmet colors but we cannot use the official logo or copyrighted material.