Thursday, October 21, 2010

Introducing Christmas postcards

Belle Announcements is excited to introduce a new line of designer Christmas postcards. These postcards are beautifully designed and make sending your Christmas greetings easy and fun! There are many reasons why Belle’s Christmas postcards are a fantastic choice for your holiday greetings this year:

1) Enjoy a 20% discount with coupon code post20 on orders before November 10th.
2) The postcards are adorable and beautifully designed.
3) You don’t have to enlist your kids to lick a hundred envelopes.
4) Think of how much you will save in stamps...enough to buy a little Christmas present for yourself.
5) No envelopes equal a greener Christmas!

See below for a preview of our gorgeous new postcards. They will be up this weekend on

Here are 10 easy tips for a green Christmas:

1) Send Belle Announcements Christmas postcards.

3) Decorate naturally with festive fruits like pomegranates and go outside to scoop up some pine cones. I suggest putting them in a clear vase or bowl to truly display their beauty.

4) Organize a Secret Santa for your family. At Thanksgiving, have everyone write their name on a piece of paper and place it in a hat. Everyone chooses one person and buys him or her a gift. A Secret Santa is exciting and also makes life a little less stressful for everyone come Christmastime.

5) Purchase homemade and/or antique items from the sellers at Also, give a gift card to a restaurant, a certificate for lessons, or a membership to a local museum as a gift instead of packaging material gifts.

6) Turn Christmas tree lights and outdoor decorative lights off at bedtime.

7) Recycle your live Christmas tree at a local recycling center. Fake trees are not recyclable.

8) Wrap any gifts in brown bags from the grocery store and add a festive bow. Even better, save bows and ribbons that you receive throughout the year to decorate your gifts.

9) Always bring your own reusable shopping bags when you head to the stores to purchase gifts.

10) Use metal flatware and real drinking glasses and dishes at your holiday parties.

We would love to hear your green Christmas tips in the comments section! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Diana B.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thank you Funky Monkey!

We sent The Funky Money blogger a set of our stationery to preview and hopefully write a review. We were very excited to hear back from them and to see this fabulous review posted!! Thank you so much!!!

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