Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Enclosure Gift Tags

Does it seem like you have a birthday party to go to every weekend?  As a mom, you're busy with play dates, birthday parties, baby showers and more.  There's rarely enough time to buy a gift, much less search for the "perfect" card that won't cost more than the gift.  Belle Announcements has the solution; our enclosure gift tags are customized for you! Simply pick colors, add photos, text and more.  Then punch a hole in the side and attach it to your gift bag or box. Voila!  You have a trendy and personalized card sure to impress everyone at the party!  

View our gallery of Enclosure Gift Tags or E-mail us for a brand new design!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Customized Graduation Announcement for a Client

Here is an example of how we customize a card to match your specific requests. This graduating senior wanted to proudly display her University of Tennessee colors so we adjusted the design's colors along with some additional text changes she requested. We rarely say no, so please ask! At Belle Announcements, we want to stand out for all that we do for each order. There are no templates. We have galleries for you to purchase from but we are also happy to customize designs for you so please email us if you have questions!



Graduation Announcements

Here are a few graduation announcements that we have designed for your special occasion.  Each design can be completely customized for you from matching the colors to your school colors to changing fonts and text. Remember, all Belle Announcements cards have backsides so feel free to add an inspiring quote or additional photos.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Princess Party Birthday Invitation

Are you having a princess party? We have new birthday invitations inspired by a custom request for a Cinderella card. These sweet, girlie invitations will feature ribbons, pearls, glass slippers and more! Look for more sweet designs to arrive in May!

Pearls Custom Designed Business Stationery

A brilliant jewelry designer, Melody Morse, asked Belle to design a pearl stationery set similar to her already beautiful business cards. This was one of several pearl designed stationery cards we came up with.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Party at the Art Museum - Birthday Invitation

I had a lot of fun with this design. The photo was stunning and designing a birthday invitation around an Art Museum theme was a challenge.

Coming soon to the website!