Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winners of the Owl Enclosure Card Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who entered the March Giveaway!! I appreciate everyone who "likes" us on facebook and takes the time to share us with their friends and family. You're my best form of advertisement so once you receive your cards, please let your friends and family know what you think about them! I'd also love to hear your comments so please come back to my facebook page and tell me what you think!

These make great gift tags for all those birthday parties you attend, or a small happy in someones lunchbox!

Winners, please email me at with your address.

March Giveaway Winners are:
Vicki Hargrave
Katherine Meier
Angela Thaxton
Kara Barrington
Tricia Mullins
Ashley Kokemoor
Anita Lloyd
Jennifer Jones
Ally Garrett
Marguerite Lee
Patricia Hege
Sherry Kell

This list does not include previous announced winners which I have listed below:

Owl Enclosure Card Winners - Caren Hosmer, Abigail Strong, Kimberly Pope, Becca Kubo, Kara Barrington, Ashley Roth, Katelyn Ilercil, Laura Broom, Nori Neal, Kendra Shearer, Tara Jordan, Rebecca Pepper, Marilyn Shiflett and Carmen Evans.

Easter Card Giveaway - Anna Vollers

Cat Card Giveaway - Rebecca Pepper

Bird Card Giveaway - Tina Batchelder

If you have sent me your address, your cards are on the way. If you have not, please do so now.

More Giveaways will be announced in April so stay tuned!!

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