Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Graduation Announcements are arriving!

The tiny fist that first grasped your hand is ready to let go and take the next step in life towards independence.  From cradle to college you’ve been by your child’s side, and graduation is a milestone to celebrate.  As a parent we know that there are times we will want to remember forever, and graduation is one of those moments.  A graduation announcement marks more than your child’s accomplishment. It’s a statement of your family’s commitment to one another and a celebration of the hours you spent loving and guiding your child. 

Every school offers a cookie cutter announcement, but at Belle Announcements, Liv is committed to creating a design as unique as your child.  She can take the photo you’ve selected, professionally enhance it and design an announcement that marks more than a date... It invokes the memory of where your family has been and the road of success that lies ahead for your child.

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