Friday, January 7, 2011

What is in a name?

What is it about personalization that means so much? In this world where we constantly get lost in the shuffle, stuck on hold and are reminded more often than not that we are just a number– we long for that personal touch. When birthdays hit, we often get overwhelmed trying to figure out what to buy and we struggle as we search for the gift that will not only please, but accurately convey the feelings we have for the recipient.

When I was pregnant with my children, I had to find out what I was having. I couldn't wait to know, but also I wanted to give them a name as soon as possible. Something about naming them, even in the womb, allowed their identity to begin developing for me. Every gift I received that was personalized in some way with their name brought me to tears. 

Seeing your name printed communicates meaning. When someone receives a gift with their name on it, there is no question about the intention. This gift was bought for the recipient and no one else. You honor the recipient of the gift by showing them the time and care you put into selecting something for them and then personalizing it as well.

As you flip through the Stationery cards trying to select your favorite, don't forget that Belle Announcements customizes everything! If you are buying for someone that loves daisies, ask for a custom design featuring daisies.  Belle strives on personalizing and making every card perfect for you. There is no mass printing, every design is hand made with joy and passion for snail mail. 

Kids and adults delight when they see their name in print. It says: you have been and you will always be remembered. We would love to help you give meaningful, personalized cards and gifts this year that truly reflect the sentiment and love you seek to share.  

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  1. OK, I must admit: I got choked up from your post!