Thursday, January 20, 2011

Throw away the wedding playbook!

What is a wedding if it doesn’t reflect the two people getting married? A wedding truly comes to life when the event showcases the individuals pledging their lives to one another. The more personal the event is, the more meaningful it becomes. I love it when a bride throws the old wedding playbook out the window for the sake of making the day about the people. A wedding is about everyone present. It is a day that elevates the love of two very individual people standing before the people they love and committing to the future, together. This process is strengthened in the details. Making the day truly personal and unique is often dependent on the details.

Using local, creative-minded vendors is the best way to achieve the type of event most brides are dreaming about these days. These extra, thoughtful touches are what really make a wedding stand out and extraordinary. 

These special, sentimental weddings are the inspiration behind Belle Announcement’s new Vintage Save the Date cards. 
These cards will make their debut at an event you simply can not miss. The first annual Hi-Fi Weddng Fest will be held on January 29th from 12-6 p.m. at Lowe Mill. This free event will showcase the like-minded vendors that strive daily to provide sentimental details that create just the type of wedding day you might currently be dedicated to planning. 

At the same table with Belle Announcements you will find Loletta’s Designer Jewelry. This amazing jewelry is so beautiful, you will surely find yourself in awe of the one-of-a-kind pieces.You will find Loletta’s Jewelry has something for every bride.

The Hi-Fi Wedding Fest is going to be an event you shouldn’t miss.. All the vendors involved are dedicated to offering a service to make your day heart-warming, unforgettable and your fairy tale come true. It is about being conscious and coming from the heart and The Hi-Fi Wedding Fest is about bringing just those type of vendors into one space for one day to truly have the most awesome wedding fair ever!

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  1. I loved all that Belle Announcements has available for weddings! My favorite are the photo strips you can customize and send as a save the date! You can also use many of the wedding invitations as shower invitations or even thank you notes! You can easily customize your own wedding theme and keep it fluid for all your events! Makes me want to have another wedding!