Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Things You Should Know About Me

I have recently found the blog, Little Miss Momma, and I love her! So on the side of her blog, she has this post featured “Things You Should Know About Me if We’re Gonna Be BFF” I clicked on it right away and thought, let's do this!!! So here is my post in response to hers.

I am the little sister.
I love to read romance novels.
I love bacon.
I love potatoes in any form.
I rarely wear make up.
I do not like wearing socks.
I think Tom’s Shoes are ugly but they are super comfy so I suck it up.
My favorite number is 11.
I think seeing 1:11 and 11:11 on the clock are good luck and I make wishes. Thanks dad!
My husband made me toss my VHS tapes and I miss watching Clueless but haven’t bought the dvd out of principal.
I straighten the books at Barnes and Noble. Sometimes I even alphabetize entire sections.
I eat frosting straight out of the container.
I can’t go to bed without putting lotion on my feet first either!!! (Saw this on Little Miss Momma’s blog and was shocked there was another one out there!)
I will never drink Coke Zero again. It made my eye twitch.
I am allergic to milk and eggs. Eggs will give me an anaphylactic reaction and it totally bums me out because I enjoyed eating eggs for the first 29 years of my life. 
I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
If I could redo high school with what I know now about the wonders of a flat iron, I’d totally do it!
I think Dasani and Smartwater are the yummiest tasting waters!! My husband thinks they all taste the same but nooo... these are the best.
I wish I had gone to an SEC college.
I can’t swim under water without holding my nose.
I love watches and feel naked if I am not wearing one. When I was in high school I wore two... one on each wrist.
I love taking photos.
I like reading on my nook in the dark.
I am not a fan of doing crafts that involve glue. Can't we just tape everything together?
I love all things paper.
Sharpies are my go to pen.
I can't go into Staples without buying new post it notes or pens.
I have to turn the email alert sound off on my phone or it would drive me nuts.

That's all for now! And borrowing this from Ashley's page, Your turn. Three things. Ready, go!
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  1. So hard to narrow it down to 3! :)
    1. I am the oldest sister.
    2. I too straighten books at B&N, I try really, really hard not to alphabetize!
    3. I love office supplies!

  2. What fun!! I've been reading her blog for a few years now and love her, too! I can relate to lots of things on your list, and here are 3 things about me:
    1} I love cappuccino coolers...just add cold milk ~ so yummy! I must start each day off with one...and, will probably end up having another later in the day!
    2} I used to think that caffeine did not affect me...my sleep, etc...not true...sleepless nights have taught me otherwise!
    3} I have a sweet Westie that blogs and wears socks!! Yep, for realz!! :)

    Hugs, girlie!! Miss you!! :)