Monday, May 20, 2013

Referrals from my daughter

I posted this on Saturday on my facebook and it was just too fun not to include on my blog! My daughters are very interested in Belle Announcements. They are always making cards or coming up with ideas for me to make new designs. It's really a family effort.

So this weekend, my 4 year tipped the scales of cuteness when she drove what used to be my barbie car into my office. Inside were the Breast Cancer Awareness Barbie alongside Ken who was dressed in his finest suit. She has them park next to my new desk and advises me that my next clients have arrived for their appointment. I smiled broadly and asked her what type of design they were looking for. She replied, wedding invitations of course! And skipped back out of my room.

Ken and Barbie are currently still parked next to my desk so I am thinking Barbie may end up being a bridezilla... too soon to tell!

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