Saturday, April 20, 2013

Win a Year's Worth of Stationery

So I keep hearing about these amazing little boxes that arrive in the mail each month. You receive fun samples and such in the. I thought it would be neat to offer a year of stationery. You won't know when the box will arrive or what will be in it. You may receive folded notes, flat notes, birthday cards, thank you cards, address labels, calendars, etc. How cool would that be?! I am a lover of all things paper and look forward to designing stationery for one lucky winner!!Enter to win here.

"Do you remember that feeling of opening the mail box and seeing a card mailed to you in it? Even as an adult I get excited to see a card or letter in my mailbox. In today's modern world it's becoming a lost art to hand write a card or letter and that is so sad. I pride myself on teaching my children to always write thank you cards and thinking of you cards. To win a years worth of free cards would not only benefit me but it would my kids and it would also bring lots of smiles to those who receive the cards whether its a thank you card or a sympathy card or a special occasion. You never know how much a simple hand written card can mean to someone. Belle announcements has been my top choice for all my stationary needs for several years and I always enjoy ordering. I feel like kid a at Christmas when I get my new cards in the mailbox."

Lauren S.
Mother of 2

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