Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Activities with the Family

My parents will tell you that my favorite part of school is the supply shopping. I absolutely love all things school supplies. Office supply stores are seriously like Toys R Us to me. If you are in need of a gift for me, buy me a gift card to Staples. It's like handing me the last piece of Birthday Cake. From Sharpies to notebooks, I am in absolute heaven when I go to Office stores. And as luck would have it, so are my girls.  Staples is their favorite of all the office stores because it has... The Easy Button!

Now the reason for my blog post....this morning my oldest daughter asked me to print her some Bubble Guppies coloring pages. We are big fans of the nickjr website. While I was on there I found a Restaurant Activity pack that included a menu, foods, order slips and money.

Both girls have been having a lot of fun playing restaurant lately so I thought this would be a perfect way to spend the day. Here is where my love of all things office supplies comes into play. I am not one to do things half way. After pushing print (twice, because of course each kid needs their own pack), I turned on my industrial size laminator to begin warming then pulled out my guillotine paper cutter. All I needed was velcro which required a trip to Staples.

An hour later, I have cut out the money sheet, menus, order slips and little food rectangles. 
 After everything is cut, I put them in laminating sheets, laminate and then cut again.

After everything is laminated, I attached velcro square to each piece so that everything can be reused. The activity pack included little squares of food. It wouldn't be fun to glue them on once so I put velcro on all of it and wala! Now the menu's can be changed and best of all, no messy glue!

The girls are using erasable crayons to put prices next to each menu item. 3 hours later, I am still playing restaurant!!

Moral of the story, everyone should have a laminator, massive paper cutter, and velcro!! :)


  1. This is Hilarious and Cute at the same time! You should make extra sets and sale them!


  2. So cute and fun! I REALLY want a massive paper cutter..