Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Preschool Valentine's

You have a preschooler now and you are quickly discovering the strange relationship you are beginning to have with parents you’ve never met before. You communicate with them via little cards to their children from your child, written by you. The card is then intercepted in the friend’s backpack for Mom or Dad to read, because our sweet little beans are currently focusing on the letter “L” and not quite ready to read notes.

It was funny to me when I thought about it after my daughter’s first preschool Valentine’s Day experience. It is true with any of the holidays, really. I realized I was sending cards to the other parents and just pretending to be my daughter. Their kid can’t read my handwriting. They don’t care what is on the card. Let’s be honest, if there isn’t candy attached to it...I lost the kid’s attention immediately. Then I kind of asked myself why I was fretting about writing little notes and spending all this time making them look pretty.

This is where Belle’s personalized Valentine’s Day cards not only save time, they make the most sense. My daughter loves pictures of her friends. She is as excited by a photo as I am. Parents enjoy this as well. I can’t wait to share our personalized Valentines from Belle Announcements this year. They are exactly the type of card that would end up in our scrapbook so that we could remember the smiling face of that friend in preschool we loved so long ago.


  1. Wonderful Idea! Its a great way to share a Valentine with a kid who can't read! They'll completely understand who its from; & I love the scrapbook idea!