Sunday, February 27, 2011

The ability to search...

I have been a busy bee working on the new website. It has always been important to me that Belle have the ability to offer clients a search option. Do you know how impossible it is to build a search option on a website? Well... three years in the making, the search is almost complete and the power will be in your hands!

Soon, when you visit Belle Announcements you will have the option to type "owl" in the search box and wala! All things owl will come up! You will see all the designs with owls on one page. No more scrolling page by page. If you want a Sushi invitation, wala! Search "sushi invitation" and there it is.

This opens so many doors for us. In the past we have done custom jobs such as cupcake toppers and wrappers but never put these items on the website because we only have 3 or 4 options. Those designs will now be on the website.

Another amazing addition will be matching products. When you are looking at the Sushi Invitation, you will see all it's matching stationery items from thank you cards to enclosure gift tags.

More to come...

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