Saturday, June 8, 2013

My daughter's ever expanding library

My 7 year old loves to read and as an avid reader myself, it is the one thing I can't say no to. If we are in a bookstore and she finds a new book she wants to read, I am all about it!! We have tried our local library but it's small and she doesn't have a lot of options. There is a larger library across town but honestly by the time I drive the 25 minutes to and from and then to and from again to return it, I spent the cost of the book on gasoline.

So getting to the point of my long winded blog post. She is also starting to share her books with friends. Today her buddy brought over 8 new Rainbow Fairy books for my daugther to read. Since we are starting to share our books, I thought it was important to put her name in them. My hand writing is not pretty so of course I designed book plates. They turned out adorable and since I print them in 25's we can do new designs often. Both my girls are thrilled and we went through the first set of 25 in about an hour.

If you need book plates designed, let me know! I am happy to design one around you or your child's favorite things, sports, hobbies, colors, pets, etc. And the fun thing is, years down the road, you'll remember when you bought the books and what your child was interested in because of the themed bookplates. You can purchase your set for $24.50 here or request a custom design.

Click the image for a better view

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