Saturday, May 19, 2012

Enter to win May Giveaway!

Continuing with our 12 giveaways of 2012, May's Giveaway is a Custom Designed set of 25 Cardstock Flat Stationery cards with envelopes. The winner can select from previously designed stationery notes or have a brand new card designed. 

Be sure to follow my Facebook page for additional entry options. You can post on ANY and EVERY status update or photo during the month of May to receive an entry to the giveaway. So if you post on three entries during the month of May, your name will go in the Glass Bowl 3 times!

To enter this giveaway, follow these quick steps!
1. You must first "Like" our Facebook Fan Page.
2. Post on any status update. It's great to "Like" but you must enter some interesting and fabulous comments too. Your whimsy might win you a random prize as well as an entry into the main giveaway!

Additional entries will be given to those that:
1. Tweet this blog post and make sure to put @_belleannounces so I can give you credit.
2. Blog about my Giveaway and make sure to send me a link so I can post it on my Facebook/Twitter and hopefully gain you some new fans as well!
3. Tell your friends and family about my facebook page by sharing one of my May status updates on your wall.
4. Visit my Etsy page and find a favorite item, then come back to this blog post and let me know which item you selected and why.

Seriously, I am trying to give as many options as possible!! I love to send snail mail to my fans so sign up!! Monthly giveaways will happen all year long! If you have an idea for a giveaway, post on this blog and I might end up offering it!!

The winner will be announced at the end of the month but stay tuned! I give away these fabulous Owl Enclosure Cards to random winners throughout the month!

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