Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who knew fonts could be so exciting?!

I personally love fonts. To me, an amazing font is better than a gorgeous pair of shoes. It's crazy how obsessed I can be in looking for new fonts to use on designs. Today, I added two fonts to my growing collection and found this article about fonts in the early days. Very interesting!

"Type design has always been an exacting, highly skilled profession, but that was doubly true in the early days of digital fonts. These faces had to work in highly demanding, challenging environments: CRT monitors, low resolution printers, and in a rapidly evolving newspaper industry. This month we are talking to one of those individuals who tackled the limitations of technology head on. His pioneering techniques, first developed under Wim Crouwel, were later employed by Bitstream and URW, and utilized on road signs and in newsprint, establishing a body of work admired the world over, both for its pragmatic, steely clarity, and its warmth and openness. He has now teamed up with TypeTogether, a foundry run by two of his former students at Reading. It is an honor to welcome Dutch designer Gerard Unger, one of the most original minds in contemporary type design." Continue reading here

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