Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't forget to Bee Thankful

Yes, we all love our iPhones and Blackberries but technology should never put being gracious in the backseat. Writing thank you notes is always appropriate. Thanking your friends and family for their generosity is important and it is appreciated. I have a good friend that writes thank you notes for everything and sometimes it seems like we are writing thank you notes for the thank you notes. I absolutely love it! She was having a rough week so I made her dinner one night, a few nights later I was having the rough time and she brought me dinner. A few days later, we each opened our mailboxes to find beautifully, hand written thank you notes! It was hilarious but it was also a testimony of our friendship.

Next time a friend watches the kids for you or picks up your mail while you are out of town, send them a thank you card via the good old fashioned postal service. I can guarantee your card will make them smile.  Handwritten thank you notes say what words and text messages can never translate - that you sincerely appreciate the gift, favor or thoughtfulness. 

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